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Aspen Ranch Outdoor Education Center Programs

"Come and study with us in the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains."

A variety of Alberta Education driven programs on the Environment and Renewable Resources are available at our center through the Camps for Children Educational Association. A few of these are as follows: Wetland Studies, Riparian Area Encounters, Ecosystem Awareness, and Outdoor Education Experiences (Wilderness Survival and Cross-Country Skiing). Our Grade 4 Farm Safety and Alberta Agriculture Resources Program is very unique and enjoyed by all.
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Along with their academic studies, students may engage in leadership, life skill activities, drama, art, fishing, and recreational sports. Please review our calendar when updated and fill out our short registration form for the course that you desire and e-mail it to us at registration@aspenranchcanada.com
(*first nations camp dates are not final as they are to be determined by instructors)
Our Staff
Our Certified teaching staff may instruct and supervises activities, unless groups wish to do their own. The focus is on fostering successful learning and fun within a safe and caring environment. The many programs that we offer are made successful through the help of our Administration and Support staff.

We ask that you do the following when visiting with us:

  • Stay with your group at all times.
  • If you get injured please let an adult know right away.
  • If you get wet let your instructor know immediately.
  • Dress warmly and layer your clothing.
  • Carry juice/water to keep hydrated
  • Wear proper shoes, a hat, and bud spray for that added comfort.
  • Enjoy the wildlife from a distance and Do Not feed any animals or pick the wild flowers.
  • Please take all of your garbage out with you. Do not leave it on the trail.

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