Hello and welcome to the Aspen Ranch Science and Art Summer Camp 2017! Thank you for enrolling your child(ren) in our program! It will be a blast! The program is designed for children in grades 3-6. This year's science camp is focusing on the sciences in physics, biology, chemistry and computer sciences. Our art program will be focusing on painting and ceramics. The dates for our programs are as follows excluding weekends:

Science CampArt Camp
(Minds in Motion + 1 night of Astronomy) July 10-14 (Arts and Crafts) July 17-21
*Based on student interest and instructor availability more camp dates could open

Our rural address is 350070 Range Road 5.0
Between Sundre and Caroline - 40 km West of Bowden.
E-mail: info@aspenranchcanada.com
Telephone: 403-722-4041


I, , the undersigned parent/guardian of (child's name) male: female:, consent to my child participating in the Aspen Ranch Science and Art Summer Camp. I understand the potential risks and hazards associated with the program, and agree that Aspen Ranch, its employees and volunteers will not be held liable in the case of accident, injury, death and in the case of lost or damaged property.

AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE: The program is a high-energy, active experience. Participants need to have normal health, strength and endurance. Activities can include walks around the ranch, indoor and outdoor games in a variety of environments and difficulty levels, various science experiments and art projects. I, the undersigned, recognize that there are risks of injury and/or loss associated with such a program. Aspen Ranch staff makes the safety and well-being of each camp and participant a top priority. However, the possibility exists that injuries and/or loss occur. Injuries and/or loss can range from minor cuts and abrasions, to sprained joints, bee-stings, major cuts, concussions, broken bones and even death. With many people together, including children and youth, it is also possible for certain illnesses to transfer from one participant to another. They can range from colds and flu's to strep throat and chicken pox. However, should a participant become sick with a highly contagious illness, the participant would be separated from others or sent home. The parent/guardian is responsible for keeping children home who have a contagious condition.

EXPECTATIONS OF THE PARTICIPANT: Participants are expected to listen carefully and to obey the rules given at the beginning of the camp week and each activity session by the person(s) in charge, and assist by informing/calling attention to situations which may cause injury for oneself and other participants, surface condition, not feeling well or fatigued, not being able to master the skill, et al. Parents/guardians are expected to educate their children regarding various risks at the program and take responsibility for the safety of the children under their care.

ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY: I the undersigned parent/guardian, assume the responsibility for injuries to my child under program care while at Aspen Ranch Summer Camp, and I will not bring an action for damages that may arise from these injuries. I the undersigned parent/guardian, acknowledge that I have read the above paragraphs, have completed the registration form and medical information fully and truthfully. In the case of accident or illness, the participant must pay for and emergency transport and hospital/physician/medical expenses. I also give Aspen Ranch Summer Camp permission to use pictures/videos/interviews that may be taken of campers during the camp week for promotional purposes.

DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: In order to keep our program running safely and in the best interests of all involved, we have a course of discipline that will be followed in the case of disruption in the program by a participant.
Our disciplinary actions will be carried out as follows:

1st time: warning and possible time out
2nd time: warning, time out and parents wil be notified
3rd time: parents will be notified and child will be removed from the program

In our program, we promote sharing and cooperation, as well as teamwork. Children will be advised of the camp rules at the beginning of the program. Participants will be required to work on activities and play games in groups and teams. There is zero tolorence for bullying, swearing, violence of any kind.

We will be starting bright and early at 9 A.M. for a full day of fun each day, and finishing at 3 P.M., when we ask that you please come pick your child(ren) up, or have arrangements made for them to get home. We are not responsible for transporting your child to and from the camp.

We will be spending a lot of time outdoors, so we ask that your child(ren) be dressed and packed accordingly for the weather (i.e.; sunscreen, bug spray, change of clothes, hat, rain jacket, etc). We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

We also ask that your child(ren) bring a lunch, drinks and sufficient snacks for the day, as we are not responsible for feeding them. If they choose, they may bring a water bottle, which they may refill at the camp as needed. Please avoid packing lunches with nut-containing foods, due to allergy concerns and inform your child that no food sharing is permitted due to allergy concerns. Once again, we thank you for your participation. We hope your kid(s) have a blast!

The Aspen Ranch Science and Art Summer Camp Team


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This information will not be shared. By pressing send you accept the above agreement. You will automaticaly receive a copy of this agreement in the email you have provided.